Making An Impact


Our Vision

Our vision will always be to serve as a lifeline for military teenagers, one kid at a time. To accomplish this goal, we are seeking to expand our ministry in ways never done before at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER). We believe that every teenager that comes to JBER has the right to these following things:

  • To be known by name
  • To have a caring adult in their life
  • To have the opportunity to learn about Jesus
  • To have fun
  • To build a community
Young Life & Club Beyond have been ministering to teenagers at JBER since 1996. Since that time, the ministry has evolved and where we stand today, we are at the forefront of doors being wide open for us to make a difference.

We are working to build relationships with the middle and high schools where military students attend, working to provide ways to get to know the students and serve the school. Most importantly, it's our desire to create a cultural that raises up caring adults to be sincere about investing into the lives of our youth. We have the unique opportunity to serve God and country through our work within the military community - it's a privilege and an honor.

We are working to develop a strong network of leaders and committee members who will serve specific schools within the community. With a strong support team of adults focused on these areas we can continue the work that once was started over 20 years ago. Over the next five years our goal is to expand into two additional high schools and two middle schools. We have a strategy to get there; we know that all kids are "too important to ignore".

Young Life Military-JBER | PO Box 210703 Anchorage, AK 99521-0703

Phone: 201-248-9571

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